When apps won’t give you instant access after signing up…Looking at you Confide!

I love new social media channels, apps and technology. Everything about it gets me excited. With that excitement also comes the expectation that we’ll be able to test it and use it ASAP.

Most startups that launch apps provide access to users during launch. Sometimes their servers crash but they ensure that when someone requests an invite, it’s fulfilled ASAP.  However, there are some apps (for whatever reason) just don’t get that message.  This happened today with the Confide app.  The app is a more professional version of Snapchat, something many users would like to test and even adopt.  Confide doesn’t let you use the app without confirming an email.  That’s normal but after signing up and then requesting the confirmation email again, I still didn’t receive it. As of writing this post, it’s been about 3 hours since I signed up.

The problem with this delayed tactic (again, who knows why there’s a delay. There isn’t anything on their Twitter account), is that users who want to test and share their thoughts don’t get a chance to do so. When creating something new, you want people to use it when they’re most likely to do so. If I open the app and want to use it right away but the app doesn’t let me, what are the chances that I’ll continue to check for the moment when I’ll be able to?  Probably slim.

For the sake of Confide, I hope they figure it out because they are getting media coverage and I’m sure others would like to test it out. I wasn’t a big fan of Snapchat but would love to give Confide a chance.

Have you ever run into issues with an app that wouldn’t give you access right away?  


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